What's ucardo?

Ucardo connects the conventional business card with digital world and creates the so far missing connection between your contact information, your social networks and your printed business card. Ucardo is no App and no social network. Ucardo emphasizes privacy protection! The own data are only at the persons disposal, who got the personal QR-Code.


Ucardo offers the possibility to create your own microsite with the help of the editor, which is intuitively to operate. Add your contact details and even links to the profiles of social networks. Besides contents you can design your individual layout and complete the look with photos or your logo. Afterwards you can download a QR-Code, which is generated just for you. This code redirects immediately to your microsite. The code is available for download in all necessary formats.

Learn which services ucardo offers to you. Your conversational partner has the opportunity both to save the contact data into his phone book and to add the contact to social networks – without typing only one letter.

Print the QR-Code on your business card or every other surface you like. You can even integrate it into the signature of your email address. With almost every smartphone (QR-Scanner app necessary) the code can be scanned. As a nice add on with this new look of your business card ucardo offers you a new possibility to get into a conversation with somebody.

Ucardo offers exact stats about pageviews, used devices and geographical information like where the visitors of your online businesscard come from. The collected information can be downloaded as an Excel-file for further evaluation.

ucardo connects.

By using ucardo you establish the still missing connection between your conventional business card and your online-profiles. Really advanced.

ucardo saves time.

ucardo gives your conversational partner the possibilitiy to get your contact data digitally presented, to save them and to find and add your profile in relevant networks. Scan QR-Code, save, done!

ucardo gives flexibility.

You can individually create the contents and layout and change it every time. Easy and independent.

ucardo is informative.

Keep up with the news and analyze your current stats of your ucardo site. Come to know who visited you at which time and what country. Very delightening.

ucardo gives security.

Your inputted data will not be contracted out and not be used for advertising purposes. Therefore you get our guarantee of data security. On that you can be sure.

ucardo convinces.

Find out, which advantages ucardo offers you and start free of charge. The proof is in the pudding.

Our advanced solution for companies: